In step with the world - and sometimes one step ahead of everyone. As a good idea and creation is half the way to success, we try to create them and successfully realize them.

The speed of our life forces us to buy semi-finished products or products for quick preparation at home.

With pride, this time too we succeeded in something new.

                                                 FROZEN BISCUITS FOR FAST HOME BAKING


                                              frozen baked biscuits

Let's emphasize at the beginning - biscuits are perfect - like straight out of the oven... homemade taste

With our partners from the company Hasborg and under our leadership, we have developed something new - Frozen integral and filled biscuits for baking at home. Yes, you read that right - frozen biscuits, as well as puff pastry and pies.

What buyers of this product get:

- HOMEMADE TASTE: Savor the freshly baked taste of biscuits without spending hours in the kitchen
- ENJOY: Enjoy sweet taste of raspberry, vanilla butter and cocoa flavor in every bite
- EVERYDAY USE: Great for breakfast biscuit sandwiches, on their own or topped with your favorite spreads
- QUICK AND EASY: Just place and bake these frozen biscuits until deliciously golden brown (aprox 12 min)

Delight your family or guests with fresh, finest wholemeal biscuits or raspberry, cocoa or vanilla filled biscuits.


 What do biscuit manufacturers get?

 1. New product. New market. New production. A promising product with high profits.

2. You don't have the energy costs of baking - the energy costs of freezing are many times lower.

3. Simpler and cheaper packaging.

4. You reduce equipment depreciation many times, as well as the number of machines necessary for production. Reduction again of energy, cost of operation and maintenance of machines and equipment.

5.You reduce the required number of workers or additionally hire existing resources.

6. You solve the problem with the quality of fruit or cream fillings

VERY IMPORTANT - YOUR PRODUCT WILL BE ALWAYS  EXCELLENT, because there is an unwritten rule that such pastries should be eaten fresh. In reality, a this biscuits can be left out for a couple of days without any difference of taste or quality.

The company Pekarski Servis performed several practical tests of the production of frozen biscuits and after a few months spent in the chamber (-5 degreeC) - the quality is the same, without any difference.

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